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Discover more about our relentless efforts to improve the lives of patients, employees and our communities.

An image of the Vertex headquarters in Boston lit up at nighttime


Discover more about our relentless efforts to improve the lives of patients, employees and our communities.

Investing in the next generation of innovators

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An image of a man and a woman in a kitchen looking at a computer screen while they cook food
Behind the smile, a look into the lives of people living with serious illness
3 min read

Learn how we explore the daily lives of those living with debilitating disease to help inform our mission.

An image of three people speaking at a conference
Embedding the patient perspective: Using research to understand patient experiences
4 min read

Learn how our teams utilize real-world research to understand the lived impacts of sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia.

An image with a light blue background featuring various equipment related to the treatment of type 1 diabetes
Inspired by a century of innovation, excited for the future of type 1 diabetes
5 min read

Chief Scientific Officer David Altshuler reflects on the history of innovation that serves as inspiration as we pursue a brighter future for people living with type 1 diabetes. 

An image of the years 1996, 2001, 2008, 2015, and 2024 with an arrow pointing down, with hexagonal images of people working in labs surrounding the descending list of years
Over two decades of history behind our innovation in pain
1 min read

At Vertex, we’re fearless in our pursuit of innovation, and we’ve spent over 20 years researching potential medicines to treat pain.

An image of a child on top of his father's shoulders while his mother stands next to them both while smiling
Caring for our people; Helping improve lives
2 min read

Chief Human Resources Officer Stephanie Franklin discusses Vertex’s inclusive benefits and how they are helping Vertexians.

An image with a purple overlay with the text “#Going the distance in CF” in the middle and faded images of Vertexians working in the lab in the background
Our future journey in cystic fibrosis
2 min read

Guided by our uncompromising commitment to patients, we are committed to going the distance in cystic fibrosis. Learn more about what we're focused on as we continue our journey.

An icon of kidneys outlined on a blue-green background
A nephrologist’s perspective on APOL1-mediated kidney disease
2 min read

Dr. Ogo Egbuna leads clinical development for our genetic kidney disease programs. Learn more about APOL1-mediated kidney disease from a nephrologist’s perspective.

An image of the exterior of Vertex Pharmaceuticals headquarters in Boston, Mass.
Minimizing our environmental footprint
2 min read

We’re committed to carefully managing our environmental footprint. Learn more from Charlie Wagner, our Chief Financial Officer, about the progress we’re making to conserve water and to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

An image of Paul Negulescu, Sabine Hadida and Fred Van Goor smiling in front of a purple background
Vertex researchers win Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences
3 min read

We are relentless in our quest to improve the lives of people living with serious diseases. Thanks to the dedication of teams led by Paul Negulescu, Sabine Hadida and Fred Van Goor, our medicines have profoundly impacted the cystic fibrosis community, earning recognition such as the prestigious Breakthrough Prize.

An image of Kerri Rhodes standing in a bedroom looking at the camera with a serious look
Advocating for alternatives: The Rhodes family story
1 min read

Kerri and Taylor Rhodes felt helpless as they watched their son struggle with substance use disorder after being prescribed an opioid to help with postoperative pain. When their daughter faced the same procedure years later, the family was determined to find a different way to manage her pain.

An image with a bright yellow, blue, and green background with circles of various sizes and text reading "Targeting the Toughest Diseases APOL1-Mediated Kidney Disease
Targeting genetic kidney disease
1 min read

APOL1-mediated kidney disease (AMKD) is a serious disease with a high unmet need — exactly the type of problem that fits our research strategy. Hear from experts in our AMKD podcast episode, in partnership with Bloomberg Media Studios.

An image of Vertexians emptying a food tray into a bin labeled "Compost," with a sign in the background detailing the various items that can be placed into the compost bins.
A culture of sustainability
2 min read

Sustainability is both a priority and a team effort. Learn more about how we're dedicated to being responsible global citizens from Executive Director Katharine Jensen.

An image of Vertexians with the thalassemia community at the 2023 Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Care Walks
Research and beyond: Our commitment to the beta thalassemia community
3 min read

We’ve been working with the beta thalassemia community since the inception of our research program in 2015. Learn more about our efforts and commitments around the globe.

An image of a group of Vertexians participating in Day of Service, wearing purple Day of Service shirts and hard hats, with a house in the midst of construction behind them
Reflecting on 2023 — The Vertex Foundation
3 min read

When reflecting on 2023, it is clear that the Vertex Foundation had another strong year of impact through its nonprofit partnerships in our amazing communities and with the unwavering support of Vertexians.

An image of two people in a library looking at a book together
Apply now! Vertex Foundation Scholarship applications open
1 min read

The Vertex Foundation Scholarship helps eligible people with cystic fibrosis and their families in the U.S. and Canada pursue higher education degrees. Recipients will be awarded $5,000 USD/CAD toward the 2024-2025 academic year. 

An image of three women smiling and conversing with one another, with purple borders on either side of the image.
Game changers
3 min read

Diana Cruz Solash, Vice President of Talent and ID&E, shares game-changing insights from our seventh annual ID&E Week.

A drawing of Jason McCartney, a Senior Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals next to multiple images of various pieces of lab equipment
The drive behind our drug discovery process
1 min read

Listen to Jason McCartney, Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry, discuss an overview of the drug discovery process at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

An image with a purple background that has the names of Vertex office locations written in faded text in the background. In the foreground, there is text reading "15 years of day of service" and the Vertex and Vertex Foundation logos above it.
Global Day of Service: 15 years of impact
1 min read

Join us as we celebrate 15 years of giving back at Vertex.

An image of a man sitting in a hospital bed staring out of a window
New data shed light on health inequities in sickle cell disease
2 min read

Individuals living with severe sickle cell disease report higher exposure to health care prejudice, according to new research by our Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) team.

An image of the four members of the first Vertex Pharmaceuticals Physicians Investigators graduating class with figures of molecules with a watercolor overlay on either side of them
First Vertex Physicians Investigators cohort graduates
2 min read

Meet the very first graduating class of Vertex Physicians Investigators. In this Q&A you’ll learn about their biotech journey and what motivates them.

A water color painting featuring six different people
We are with you: A message to the sickle cell community
3 min read

Vertex is committed to the sickle cell disease community. Beyond our science, it’s about showing up and locking arms with the community to work together toward meaningful change.

An image of a plastic cell model next to a drawing of Sabine Hadida, Vice President, Research, and San Diego Site Head at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Developing medicines with patients at the forefront
1 min read

Watch as our Senior Vice President and San Diego Site Head, Sabine Hadida, breaks down our drug discovery process and the importance of grit, teamwork and determination.

An image with a bright yellow, blue, and green background with circles of various sizes and text reading "Targeting the Toughest Diseases Type 1 Diabetes"
Targeting type 1 diabetes
1 min read

We’re investigating type 1 diabetes at the cellular level. Hear from experts in our type 1 diabetes podcast episode, in partnership with Bloomberg Media Studios.

An image with a purple background and a drawing of a scientist wearing a white lab coat in the middle of the image
Dr. Todd Bertoch shares his perspective on pain
1 min read

Learn more about Dr. Bertoch’s experience as an anesthesiologist and the unmet medical need in his area of work. 

A collage of three images of three of the families featured in the story, with a purple background surrounding the collage
Supporting Vertex families from the start
2 min read

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a place where you can grow, work and be supported at home. We believe it’s important to not only take care of employees but families as a whole.

A collage of Vertex Foundation Scholarship winners with a purple overlay on top of the collage
Vertex Foundation Scholarship helps students achieve dreams
2 min read

The Vertex Foundation aims to help support the entire family — including educational funding for people living with cystic fibrosis, their loved ones and caregivers.

An image of a girl and boy pointing to the screen of an open laptop
Supporting learning in our communities with Vertex laptops
3 min read

Our “We” Wins mentality at work. Read about how Vertex employees challenged the status quo and created opportunities to donate retired laptops to students in our communities.

An illustration of James Sinclair, ‪Senior Director of Engineering & Applied Physics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, surround by small diagrams of a variety of pieces of the drug discovery process
Problem solving and efficiency in the drug discovery process
1 min read

Listen to James Sinclair, ‪Senior Director of Engineering & Applied Physics, talk about how our engineers partner with our scientists to optimize the drug discovery process.

An image of a female scientist working in the lab with a purple overlay and text that reads "Scientist | A day in the life" and brackets similar to a camera recording
Inside the lab: Sheila Namirembe’s day at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
1 min read

Though they come from different backgrounds, our scientists share a passion and dedication to pushing our science forward. Meet the people driving innovation at Vertex.

An image of two female scientists wearing white Vertex lab coats and walking down a set of stairs
San Diego Learning Lab: Our high school summer internship
1 min read

Our high school internship program represents the best of workplace-based learning. Join students in our Learning Lab in San Diego to learn more.

An image of a man looking at a computer screen with a phone in his hand with a purple watercolor effect on the outside of the image
Unraveling the hidden impacts of sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia
4 min read

Understanding the real-life impacts of managing SCD and TDT.

An image of Stephanie Franklin, Chief Human Resource Officer at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, with purple watercolor designs on either side of her
Living our culture, delivering for patients
2 min read

Chief Human Resources Officer Stephanie Franklin discusses our unique culture at Vertex and how we bring our culture to life.

An image of two women working on laptops at a table while a man does the same in the foreground of the image
Oxford Learning Lab: Our year 12 summer internship
1 min read

Step inside our Oxford, U.K., Learning Lab and learn about our year 12 summer internship, one of our signature STEAM education programs.

An illustration with a purple background featuring the word mRNA and drawings of DNA strands
Understanding how mRNA therapy works
1 min read

Learn about how mRNA therapy could potentially benefit people living with serious diseases.

A watercolor drawing of a cell with an arrow pointing to the words "Cell Therapy"
Understanding cell therapies and potential applications
1 min read

Cells are often called the building blocks of life, and cell therapies are one of the ways we’re trying to unlock innovative ways to treat serious diseases.

An image of Joan Lambright and Tracy Antonelli
Give blood and keep the world beating: Voices of gratitude on World Blood Donor Day
4 min read

On World Blood Donor Day, hear from two individuals living with sickle cell disease and transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia as they share their stories, shed light on their struggles, and emphasize the impact blood donation has had on their disease and quality of life.

A digital watercolor painting of Paul Negulescu alongside an image of the entrance of a Vertex office building
The journey of our drug discovery process
1 min read

Paul Negulescu, Senior Vice President, Research, talks about the journey his team has taken over the last 20 years.

A drawing of various pieces of small molecules with a pink, green, and purple background
The potential future of small molecules
1 min read

Learn about how small molecules can potentially make a big impact on the future of medicine. They are just one of our tools that are being investigated to unlock new ways to impact serious diseases.

An image of a Vertex scientist using a pipette
Boston Learning Lab: Our high school summer internship
1 min read

Step inside our Boston Learning Lab and learn about our high school summer internship, one of our signature STEAM education programs.

A graphic featuring Fred van Goor alongside a drawing of lungs and a handshake
Continuing our cystic fibrosis journey
1 min read

Listen to Fred Van Goor, Vice President of Cystic Fibrosis Research, talk about our commitment to pursuing new therapeutic advances for all people living with cystic fibrosis and how this commitment drives scientific innovation.

A drawing of Rebecca Hunt alongside a variety of science tools, including beakers and a clipboard
Our commitment to patients
1 min read

Rebecca Hunt, Vice President of Patient and Community Engagement, highlights Vertex’s uncompromising commitment to patients.

A graphic featuring various scientific drawings, including a bone showing a hematopoietic stem cell transplant, and with text reading “What is CONDITIONING and how does it work?”
Conditioning regimens: A crucial step in stem cell transplantation
1 min read

Learn about an essential component in stem cell transplants, known as conditioning regimens. This is just one of the tools in our drug discovery toolbox that could support potential treatments.

An image of a panel of women giving a talk about careers paths in biomedical science
Representation matters: Investing in changemakers
1 min read

Learn how Vertex remains committed to increasing representation in science and medicine through our partnership with the Biomedical Science Careers Program.

A graphic featuring various drawings of cells and with text reading "What is cell encapsulation and how does it work?"
Innovative approaches: Breaking down cell encapsulation
1 min read

Learn about one of our innovative approaches, cell encapsulation. This is just one of the tools in our drug discovery toolbox that has the potential to treat serious diseases.

An image of scientists in a lab with a text overlay that says "Connections in Science"
British Science Week 2023: Connections in science
5 min read

Drug discovery is a team sport at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. In recognition of British Science Week, hear from Site Head David Price and scientists in Oxford, U.K., about the power of connections in science.

Icon of a kidney
Genetic testing as a tool for kidney health
3 min read

Vice President of Clinical Development Dr. Ogo Egbuna shares why it’s important to raise awareness about APOL1-mediated kidney disease (AMKD). 

A drawing of a Cas9 enzyme and a Guide RNA with a green background
Understanding CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing and its potential
1 min read

Learn about one of our innovative approaches, CRISPR/Cas9. This is just one of the tools in our drug discovery toolbox that has the potential to unlock new ways to impact genetic diseases.

A graphic of the outline of a human body with the words "Cystic Fibrosis" on the graphic
Vertex Forward: Our journey in cystic fibrosis
1 min read

Learn more about cystic fibrosis and how we are committed now more than ever to discovering new therapeutic advances for all people living with the disease.

A drawing of Mark Higgins with science-related detailing in the background
Taking a patient-first approach to clinical trials
1 min read

Mark Higgins, Senior Director of Clinical Development, highlights Vertex’s patient-first approach to clinical trials and discusses his experience discovering potential treatments for people with cystic fibrosis.

An image of 3 women in an office talking to one another
More than career growth — Shaping Vertexians’ tomorrows
2 min read

Learn why the Vertex Pharmaceuticals approach to career growth is unique from Chief Human Resources Officer Stephanie Franklin.

An image of 3 Vertexians in purple shirts holding garden tools
The Vertex Foundation — A look back at 2022
3 min read

Looking back on 2022, the Vertex Foundation remains grateful and excited for the future. From supporting healthy families to social innovation and STEAM education, we’re proud of the impact Foundation partners continue to make in our communities around the world. 

An image of a group of children attending the L'ENVOL sibling summer camp
Summer camps are serious about fun
3 min read

Unique summer camp experiences dedicated to the siblings of children with a serious illness? Sign us up! Having a child with a serious illness impacts the whole family, and sibling camp is just one way the Vertex Foundation supports healthy families across the globe. 

An image of a young boy with a headline that reads "Don't wait to see cystic fibrosis."
See inside. See cystic fibrosis
1 min read

Cystic fibrosis is a rare, genetic, progressive disease, in which symptoms and organ damage can manifest very early in life. These may not, however, be outwardly visible in all children and while some children can appear well on the outside, what is happening inside their bodies can tell a different story. 

An image of different Vertex employees in circles over a purple and pink overlay
Vertex employees share their experiences with type 1 diabetes
6 min read

We are lucky to have some of our very own ‘Vertexians’ willing to share their stories about living with or caring for someone with T1D. We invite you to learn from them and help raise awareness for T1D this month.

An image of text that says "Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Week 2022."
Catalysts for change
3 min read

ID&E Week is our annual opportunity to press pause and listen, learn and reflect. This year’s theme, “Catalysts for Change,” was also a call to action for Vertexians to ignite actionable change. Hear from Vice President Diana Cruz Solash on key takeaways from our sixth annual ID&E Week. 

An image of two people looking at each other with a purple overlay that says "The Power of Allyship"
The power of allyship
5 min read

We're celebrating our sixth annual ID&E Week at Vertex with the theme “Catalysts for Change.” Hear from Senior Vice President Ludovic Fenaux and our international Employee Resource Network (ERN) co-leads about the power of allyship and how we can all become catalysts for change. 

An image of Vertex four Vertex employees volunteering during Day of Service
Giving back is in our DNA: Vertex’s 14th annual Global Day of Service
1 min read

Giving back is part of our culture, so much so that we say it’s in our DNA. Vertex’s 14th annual Global Day of Service was our most impactful to date, with 57% employee participation across 20 countries and more than 6,000 hours of service contributed to our communities. 

An image of Derya Balata and Teame Araya
Meet Vertex’s 2022 Science Leaders Scholars: Derya Balata and Teame Araya
4 min read

Derya Balata and Teame Araya are Vertex’s newest Science Leaders Scholars. Learn more about these two outstanding students who have been selected to receive a four-year, full scholarship to pursue a STEM-related course of study at the University of Massachusetts.

A cartoon-style image of an older doctor
My life’s mission: Pursuing innovative ways to manage pain
3 min read

September is Pain Awareness Month in the U.S., dedicated to raising public awareness around pain, pain management and the work that pain professionals do every day. Hear from Vice President Jim Jones on why his career led him to clinical development for our pain program. 

Water color image of sickle cells
A new Partnership to ignite change for sickle cell disease
3 min read

The Sickle Cell Disease Partnership is a multistakeholder coalition, launched in June, which works to improve care and access for people living with sickle cell disease. Here, Chief Patient Officer Amit Sachdev discusses the partnership, its goals and the reasons it was founded.

An image of a family of four standing on a cliff looking at a sunset
Vertex celebrates its 2022 Working Parents of the Year honorees
5 min read

Vertex is proud to share that it has been named — once again — to Seramount’s 100 Best Companies list and the Best Companies for Dads list. Learn more about what sets us apart and meet our Working Parents of the Year honorees, Genzy Davis and Ravin Warnakulasuriya. 

An image of a sign for the Vertex Foundation Guest Services Office
The Vertex Foundation: Supporting healthy families
2 min read

Supporting healthy families is one focus of the Vertex Foundation. Executive Director Katharine Jensen shares how the Foundation is expanding its partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities in new and innovative ways.

An image of pink and purple silhouetted heads
Vertex’s inclusion, diversity and equity priorities
5 min read

Our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) is longstanding and achieving our ambition takes collective action and shared ownership. Learn more about our approach from Vice President of Talent and ID&E Diana Cruz Solash.

An image of a scientist holding up a tray that reads "Innovation is our lifeblood"
Innovation is our lifeblood
3 min read

How does Vertex nurture a culture that enables all employees to grow and thrive? Senior Vice President Ludovic Fenaux explores how we nurture a culture fueled by enterprise-wide innovation.

An image of a few headshots from the Vertex Pharmaceuticals Type 1 Diabetes team
Meet (a few of) Vertex’s type 1 diabetes team members
3 min read

Incredible talent and cross-functional collaboration. All that and more with Vertex’s type 1 diabetes team. Meet a few of the team members who are making a difference.

A watercolor image of a scientist looking through a microscope, another scientist at a computer, a doctor talking to a patient
Global Clinical Trials Day: Innovating in clinical trials
2 min read
Stephanie Franklin and Leela Paris
Meet two of Vertex’s exemplary women leaders
2 min read
An image of two people in lab coats conducting an experiment
Vertex’s commitment to STEAM education
2 min read
An image of two girls in lab coats using pipettes
Inspiring the next generation through STEAM
3 min read
Science-based logos on watercolor background
Working together to address disparities in rare diseases
2 min read
microscope with "10 Years" text over it
Recognizing a milestone: Happy birthday to our first cystic fibrosis medicine
2 min read
Illustration of islet cells
Vertex Forward: Diving into type 1 diabetes
2 min read
Melodie Knowlton and a STEAM student use a pipette
The evolution of global STEAM education at Vertex
3 min read
Purple abstract illustration of muscle fibers
Vertex Forward: Navigating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
1 min read
A class of students paying attention to the teacher
Rethinking education and the future of work
5 min read
A graphic with the word "pain" repeated
Vertex Forward: Innovating in pain research
1 min read
Melodie Knowlton speaking to students in the Vertex Learning Lab
Introducing Vertex’s 2021 Science Leaders Scholars
3 min read
City Year
Celebrating teachers and cultivating a pipeline to strengthen their workforce
3 min read
A title screen that reads "An unimaginable year"
Vertex Foundation: 2020 impact overview
4 min read
Watercolor image of canned food being donated
The Vertex Foundation: Supporting disaster relief efforts
2 min read
Camp Sunshine
Summer camp reimagined
3 min read
STEAM Virtual Team
STEAM goes virtual at Vertex this summer
5 min read
A map of the globe with hearts in various locations
The Vertex Foundation: Helping employees give and coming together as a global community
2 min read
Direct Relief
The Vertex Foundation commits $5 million to global COVID-19 relief efforts
8 min read
An image of students and an instructor in a classroom building something
STEM Week brings hands-on learning to future scientists in San Diego
3 min read
A closeup of a hand writing a formula on glass
Three key ingredients to building a culture of innovation
4 min read
An image of a girl in school with a marker in her hand
Setting the foundation for the Vertex Foundation
2 min read
Patients inspiring researchers: The story of our patient flask
2 min read