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At Vertex Pharmaceuticals, we’re always pursuing ways to move science forward by going beyond the status quo. A bone marrow transplant, also known as a hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplant, can be a critical tool for the treatment of certain diseases. These stem cells within the bone marrow can generate all blood and immune cells and can be modified and transplanted to potentially cure disease. An important component to prepare for a bone marrow transplant is a process called conditioning. Learn more about this and why our scientists are investigating new approaches to hopefully improve the process.

We believe true scientific transformation happens at the intersection of human biology and medical innovation. Our strategy focuses on determining the tools we think we need to solve scientific problems, and conditioning regimens are one of those important tools. We are working on expanding this discovery toolbox with the hopes of finding the best options for patients.

About this video series 

This series shares the science behind some of the tools and technologies we use in our research and clinical development. As our scientists continue to make progress, we want to spread awareness about the innovative technology used behind the scenes in our labs. Check out some of the other tools in our toolbox that we are using to advance toward our goals: