COVID-19 information and resources

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Supporting patients and healthcare providers

Patients are the center of everything we do at Vertex. We know you’re counting on us, and we’ve taken steps to ensure a continuous supply of our medicines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are highly confident in our ability to continue to supply all of our medicines to patients around the world who rely on them. For patients enrolled in our clinical trials, your health and safety is always our top priority, followed by our commitment to bring these medicines to people who need them as quickly as possible. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked closely with clinical trial sites and investigators across all of our programs to provide additional support or guidance related to COVID-19. 

Contact Information  

As the pandemic continues to evolve, we’d like to help guide you to where you can reach out with questions you may have.  

  • If you’re a patient or a caregiver of a patient in the U.S. who is enrolled in Vertex GPS™: Guidance & Patient Support, please reach out to us at +1 877-752-5933 (press 2 to speak to a Patient Support Specialist).  

  • Please contact your health care provider if:  

    • You’re a patient or a caregiver of a patient in the U.S. who is not currently enrolled in Vertex GPS™: Guidance & Patient Support  

    • You’re a patient or a caregiver of a patient outside the U.S.  

  • If you’re a health care provider, please reach out to Vertex Global Medical Information. Visit to find contact information for your region.  

  • If you’re a clinical trial site, please reach out to your Vertex point of contact or reach out to Vertex Global Medical Information. Visit to find contact information for your region. 

Resources for Patients and Health Care Providers 

Below are a few resources that have information related to COVID-19 that you may find helpful. You may also want to check out local organizations in your area as they may provide more specific information about your condition and/or region.   

COVID-19 Resources  


Supporting our employees

The health and safety of our employees and their families, and the patients we serve, remain our top priorities. As we’ve welcomed back many of our employees to our sites, we’re taking a focused approach that puts employee safety above all, enables innovation, supports exceptional business performance, and addresses current and future employee needs for flexibility. Here’s some of what we’re doing to keep our on-site employees safe while meeting their personal needs:  

  • We’ve maintained safety measures, which are informed by best practices prescribed by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).   

  • We continue to provide resources to support our people regardless of where they’re working (e.g., complimentary amenities like daily breakfast, at-home office equipment and more).  

  • If employees are unable to work due to potential or actual exposure to COVID-19, or if they need to adjust their schedule or to respond to responsibilities at home, their time away from work will be paid and will not impact benefits, job status or paid time off (vacation or sick leave).  

  • We’ve launched several mental health and wellness initiatives, including a free subscription to the Headspace meditation app for all employees globally and a dedicated “Healthy Mind” intranet site.  

  • For Vertex parents who need more support, we've partnered with SitterStream™ – a global service that offers fun and educational sessions for kids, so our employees can take a work call or simply take a break. 

We’re proud of the strong culture of innovation and inclusion we’ve built at Vertex, and this has been evident in how our teams have responded to these unforeseen circumstances. We’re continuing to monitor the ever-changing situation and are regularly assessing whether our approach needs to evolve.

Supporting our communities 

In 2020, the Vertex Foundation donated $5 million to support on-the-ground COVID-19 pandemic response efforts in our local communities, focused on essential health care and health supplies and providing support for vulnerable populations. This included a $1 million donation to Direct Relief and a $1 million donation to help establish the Boston Resiliency Fund, as well as donations to several other relief organizations in the U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil and the U.S. (including Vertex communities of Massachusetts and San Diego). To extend Vertex’s impact even further, the Foundation offered special 2:1 matching on employee donations to select organizations supporting global COVID-19 relief efforts. 

Information for investors

Despite the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to be highly confident in our supply chain and our ability to supply all of our approved medicines to patients who need them. For more information, visit


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