APOL1-mediated kidney disease

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Every day, people living with serious diseases strive to be more than their disease — to be defined by what they can dream and hope and achieve, not by what limits them. Our commitment to people with serious diseases is uncompromising and goes beyond our research and development and medicines. 

Working with the APOL1-mediated kidney disease community

We are proud to work with organizations that help people with APOL1-mediated kidney disease (AMKD) live active, full lives. 

We are committed to investigating and advancing potential therapies to treat patients living with AMKD. Vertex seeks to identify opportunities where we can support, empower, learn from and engage with the kidney disease community, and ensure their voices are represented and incorporated into all that we do.

Throughout the year, we recognize various disease awareness occasions to support those affected by kidney disease, such as U.S. National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day in March. In April, we proudly partnered with the American Kidney Fund (AKF) to help launch the inaugural U.S. AMKD Awareness Day to bring greater awareness to this serious disease and offer resources to those who may be at risk. AMKD Awareness Day will be recognized annually on the last Tuesday in April.

An image of a group of Vertexians attending the NKF walk

Team Vertex supports the kidney community at the 2022 NKF Boston & New England Kidney Walk.

Supporting the kidney disease community

We are proud to work with and support many organizations in the kidney community, including:

We've had the privilege to support patient advocacy group efforts to advance health equity in kidney disease, and to raise awareness of AMKD, through sponsorships of NephCure and AKF. Through sponsorships of Nephcure's rare kidney disease screening efforts and AKF's Unknown Cause of Kidney Disease Campaign, we are helping to drive more precise kidney diagnoses.

We're also proud to be an inaugural supporter of the Rare Disease Diversity Coalition, which brings together rare disease experts, health and diversity advocates, and industry leaders to identify and advocate for evidence-based solutions to help alleviate the disproportionate burden of rare diseases on communities of color.



Learn about our work in APOL1-mediated kidney disease

To learn more about our APOL1-mediated kidney disease studies in the U.S., visit the clinical trials website. For information about non-U.S. sites, visit clinicaltrials.gov