Starting at impossible: Vertex Cell and Genetic Therapies


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Around the world, millions are living with genetic diseases. From discovery to manufacturing, Vertex Pharmaceuticals has assembled a toolkit of some of the best technology and talent to tackle these diseases from all possible angles. At the Jeffrey Leiden Center for Cell and Genetic Therapies in Boston, MA, our Vertex Cell and Genetic Therapies (VCGT) scientists and researchers are working daily to try to address problems that have eluded traditional treatment modalities.  

Watch this two-part video series for a peek behind the curtain into our cell and genetic therapy capabilities and how some of science’s brightest minds are investigating new ways to solve what was once believed to be unsolvable.  

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Against the impossible

In the first video, we meet some of the experts who are investigating innovative approaches to treat the underlying cause of diseases through cell and gene therapies. We learn the fundamentals of how these treatments work: through cell therapies, patients’ cells are modified, while gene therapies modify a person’s genetic code to improve cell function or correct a defect.  

Advancements in cell and genetic therapies have allowed Vertex to investigate approaches that target the root cause of disease and redefine what’s possible for people with genetic diseases. Watch the video to learn more. 



Challenging what’s possible

In the second video of our series, we explore some of the tools and techniques that Vertex scientists use to model human biology and research potentially transformative therapies. At the Leiden Center, collaboration is paramount, and our researchers often find common methods that can address different questions across disease areas.   

Everything we do begins with our patients and our mission to create transformative treatment options for people with serious diseases — and we won’t give up. We go all in to challenge what’s possible. Watch the video to dive deeper. 

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Are you undaunted and inspired by challenge? Would you like to join us in our fight against the impossible? 

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