Our cystic
fibrosis journey

Female Scientist at lab fume hood

We have developed medicines for certain people with CF, with the goal of treating as many eligible patients as possible. Our success is a testament to our partnership with the CF community and the dedication of our team at Vertex.

We've set a high bar for ourselves, and we will continue to push ourselves to discover potential treatments that could work for all people with CF.

As we continue our CF journey, we have three areas of focus:

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Expand access to our existing medicines 

We strive to continue to broaden access to our existing medicines in countries where they are not yet approved for use by a health authority. We're committed to working collaboratively and flexibly with governments and stakeholders to enable access. Read our position on global access.

A Vertex scientist operating equipment in the lab
Discover and test additional combination therapies 

We're continuing our efforts to discover and develop additional combinations of molecules for potential new therapies.

A male Vertex scientist uses a confocal microscope
Investigate genetic therapy and mRNA approaches 

We continue to work to develop treatments that target the underlying cause of the disease for people who need a different treatment approach. 

We've come a long way, but there is still more to do. Our goal is to one day cure CF.

Click here to learn more about our research in cystic fibrosis.

To learn more about our studies, please visit our clinical trials website or EU Clinical Trials Register.