Our Culture of Innovation

Vertex innovation programs bring together the brightest minds to strike at the core of serious diseases.

About Our Programs

At Vertex, we are relentless. Fueled by the needs of patients, families, doctors and nurses, we drive innovation in every aspect of our business and from every employee for a single purpose: to transform lives.

We have developed both internal programs and external partnerships to sustain and grow the culture of innovation that got us to where we are today - a leading global biotech company that has discovered, developed and brought to patients multiple transformative medicines for serious, life-threatening diseases. 

These innovation programs focus on four strategic objectives with an overall goal of making Vertex a phenomenal place to innovate:

  • Generate and implement new ideas
  • Support all functions as innovators
  • Create new connections internally and externally
  • Nurture creative people

Our core innovation programs include the Vertex Fellows program, Vertex Opportunities for Intrapreneurship & Corporate Evolution (VOICE) and the Science & Medicine seminar series.

Vertex Fellows

The Vertex Fellows program is a unique, one-year opportunity for outstanding early career scientists and physicians to join Vertex project teams and help advance real drug discovery programs. In addition to hands-on experience, Fellows receive training on the drug discovery process, mentorship from senior leaders, and exposure to many different business areas. The program is designed to augment, rather than replace, a traditional post-doctoral, residency or business school experience. David Altshuler, EVP, Global Research and Chief Scientific Officer, directs the program with the help of other Vertex senior leaders.

What we look for in a Fellow:

  • Experience conducting and leading breakthrough research
  • Entrepreneurial spirit for solving challenging problems with innovative solutions
  • Thirst for knowledge and the desire to apply it to an academic, clinical, start-up or industry position upon completion
  • Completed PhD, MD, or joint degree within ten years of starting the fellowship

Ready to become a Vertex Fellow? Applications for the 2019-2020 class of Fellows will be accepted from November 15, 2018 through January 15, 2019.

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Hear From Our Fellows

Vertex Opportunities for Intrapreneurship & Corporate Evolution (VOICE)

VOICE is an internal, global internal innovation tournament that empowers all employees to develop ideas in response to “game-changing” science and business challenges. Employees who have their ideas selected go on to build cross-functional teams, develop refined proposals and execute their business plans. Throughout the process, teams receive mentorship and training to most effectively move their proposals forward. VOICE reinvigorates Vertex’s culture with an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages employees to become change makers who can contribute to the direction of the company and help advance our goal of discovering cures for serious diseases.

Since the program began in 2015, dozens of ideas have been implemented, including initiating a major research program in a new disease, multiple exploratory research projects, a 3D printing lab, a mobile app to help Vertexians find one another, and a commuter bus program to reduce traffic congestion in Boston’s Seaport District. 

See VOICE in Action

Science and Medicine Seminars

Our Science and Medicine speaker series connects our employees with cutting-edge science and medical thought leaders from within and outside of Vertex. We look for thought-provoking speakers and ideas that challenge us to think about scientific problems in new ways, and provide opportunities for employees to remain lifelong learners.

Recent speakers include Atul Gawande (Brigham and Womens), Aviv Regev (Broad, MIT), Kay Davies (Oxford), Aravinda Chakravarti (Hopkins), Vamsi Mootha (MGH), Jeffrey Kopp (NIH), Kit Parker (Harvard), Rick Lifton (Rockefeller), Mahzarin Banaji (Harvard), Vijay Pande (Stanford) and George Daley (Harvard).