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The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in our cells is what makes us who we are as individuals, but how does the DNA tell our cells what to do and which proteins to make?

That’s where messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) comes into play. It is a key component in helping our bodies function properly and is why Vertex Pharmaceuticals is investigating mRNA therapy as a potential tool for treating serious diseases in the future. In this animation, you can learn more about what mRNA is and how utilizing it therapeutically could potentially help our bodies to make proteins that fight off, prevent or treat a disease.

Our goal at Vertex Pharmaceuticals is to discover innovative solutions to the most difficult scientific and medical problems. And that requires identifying the tools and technologies we think have the potential to transform the approach to treating serious diseases. mRNA therapy represents one approach that continues to fuel our research and development.

About this video series

This series shares the science behind some of the tools and technologies we use in our research and clinical development. As our scientists continue to make progress, we want to spread awareness about the innovative technology used behind the scenes in our labs. Check out some of the other tools in our toolbox that we are using to advance toward our goals: