Sickle cell disease

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Every day, people living with serious diseases strive to be more than their disease — to be defined by what they can dream and hope and achieve, not by what limits them. Our commitment to people with serious diseases is uncompromising and goes beyond our R&D and medicines. 

Working with the sickle cell disease community

We work with organizations that help people with sickle cell disease (SCD) live active, full lives. 

We are committed to investigating and advancing gene editing therapy and other approaches to treating SCD. Vertex seeks to identify opportunities where we can support, empower, learn from and engage with sickle cell warriors and ensure their voices are represented in all that we do.

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Supporting sickle cell disease community partners

We are honored to support numerous sickle cell community partners to raise awareness and understanding of SCD, and work toward a brighter future for SCD warriors and their communities. We are also proud to work with and support many organizations in the sickle cell community including:



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Sickle Cell Disease Partnership

In addition, we are proud to be founding member of the Sickle Cell Disease Partnership, which brings together members of the patient, provider and biopharmaceutical communities to advocate for policies that improve quality and access to care for the warriors.