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At Vertex Pharmaceuticals, we're constantly working to expand our tools and technologies with the aim of advancing scientific processes. One of the tools we are investigating is cell encapsulation, a method being researched to protect cells after they enter the body during treatments such as cell therapy. This shields the cells from the natural processes of the immune system, which include recognizing and destroying foreign bodies. In this animation, you can learn more about how cell encapsulation works, and how it can potentially be used in therapeutic development.

Our strategy at Vertex emphasizes the importance of scientific innovation to create potentially transformative medicines. We're always working on building upon our skills, knowledge, and expertise by improving on our discoveries. With cell encapsulation, we hope to find new ways to impact serious diseases while simultaneously protecting potentially therapeutic cells from the body's own defense system.

About this video series 

This series shares the science behind some of the tools and technologies we use in our research and clinical development. As our scientists continue to make progress, we want to spread awareness about the innovative technology used behind the scenes in our labs. Check out some of the other tools in our toolbox that we are using to advance toward our goals: