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An image of a group of Vertexians wearing purple Day of Service shirts while holding up skateboards they helped design during our 2023 Day of Service.

When reflecting on 2023, it is clear that the Vertex Foundation had another strong year of impact through its nonprofit partnerships in our amazing communities and with the unwavering support of Vertexians.  

“Every time I meet with our partners, I am reminded how the investments made by the Vertex Foundation are helping to make our local communities better,” said Melodie Knowlton, Executive Director of the Vertex Foundation. “From working to end the opioid crisis, making sure no child goes hungry and has equal access to quality education — these organizations care. And as the Foundation seeks to contribute to communities through education, innovation and health — it’s our honor to support those in need.” 

Learn more about a few of the partners the Foundation supports around the globe.

Community partnerships

RIZE Massachusetts 

The Foundation seeks to improve lives — making an impact both big and small — from social justice to racial and health equity. Since 2018, we’ve partnered with RIZE Massachusetts, a nonprofit working to “end the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts and reduce its devastating impact on people, communities, and our economy.”  

“Massachusetts loses six people every day to opioid overdose, but with the support of our funding partners we can keep hope alive to end the overdose crisis. Thanks to the generous investment of the Vertex Foundation, RIZE can build networks, create programming, and support community partners who are using novel approaches to preventing overdose, increasing access and equity in treatment, and empowering our behavioral health workforce,” said Julie Burns, President and CEO of RIZE. 

Elementary Institute of Science 

Getting students excited about science at an early age is invaluable — not only does it allow developing minds to explore, it’s also beneficial for critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

In San Diego, the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS) is passionate about sparking creativity and curiosity in children and funding from the Vertex Foundation supports program costs of the Steps-2-STEM program. “During this five-week rotational program, students explore physical, computer, earth and space sciences, engineering and more,” said Melodie. “EIS is making a difference in communities that need it the most, and I look forward to seeing how far these future scientists go, because the sky is the limit.”

An image of kids using lab equipment in a science at the Elementary Institute of Science

The Trussell Trust 

In its mission to end hunger in the U.K., the Trussell Trust, with assistance from the Foundation, continues to embed financial advice services in communities as well as deliver the “Help through Hardship Helpline”. Advisors on the Helpline, and working within food banks, help people access funds so that they can afford essentials like food, heating and toiletries. 

“My volunteering experience with Trussell Trust in 2023 was incredibly rewarding. I was able to better understand the extent of the cost-of-living crisis in the U.K., including the fact that even the food banks are struggling to provide essential items,” said Nicole Elliott, International Patient Engagement Senior Specialist.  

“I've been trying to continue my volunteering and support of them in any way I can — from donating supplies to donating funds through the Vertex Foundation Matching Gift Program,” added Nicole.   

Matching Gift 

To help Vertexians like Nicole increase their impact, the Foundation’s Matching Gift Program provides a one-for-one match for employee donations to qualified nonprofit organizations. And during our annual Global Days of Giving, the Foundation offers a special 2:1 match on donations made to all eligible nonprofits. 

In 2023, employees and the Vertex Foundation gave almost $4.5M USD to 2,183 nonprofits in 17 countries. “Every little bit helps,” said Nicole.

Global Day of Service 

With more than 125 volunteer opportunities, impacting 70 organizations globally, our 15th annual Global Day of Service made a tangible difference in people’s lives.  

“As a child, I vividly remember the impact program volunteers had on my life. It is now my honor to do the same for others,” said Shakyia Grooms, Employee Engagement and Events Senior Coordinator. 

An image of a Vertexian holding up a tray of food as she volunteers in the 2023 Day of Service

Across 18 countries, 2,800 Vertex volunteers donated more than 8,000 hours of their time. “I volunteered at an amazing organization called Community Servings where I helped package scratch-made meals for the chronically and critically ill in the Boston area,” said Kevin Rich, Litigation Counsel.  

“We here at Vertex are so lucky to be in Boston at this crossroads of biotech and education and we benefit greatly from those resources,” added Kevin. “I think it’s our responsibility to give just as much as we take — back into the community that makes it possible for us to succeed. Plus, it’s a great way to meet people in other functions while doing some good.” 

A new year 

As we head into 2024, we are energized and motivated.  

“As the Vertex Foundation celebrates its eighth year, we’re excited about our continued evolution and how we’ll innovate and grow as we think about the impact we’ve had and will continue to have in the communities where we do business,” said Melodie.   

For more on the Vertex Foundation, visit https://www.vertexfoundation.org/