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We know Vertexians have an innovation mindset – if there’s not a path forward, we’ll find one. If modern tools aren’t cutting it, we’ll invent new ones. To do just that, our culture of lifelong learning and career growth supports our people, providing them with the technology and resources to explore their passions, try something new, and take calculated risks, regardless of their role.  

Vertex is filled with some of the best, brightest, and most curious minds in biotech from around the globe. Everywhere I turn, in each meeting I’m in, I find myself perpetually in awe of what I learn and the sheer talent of colleagues I’m surrounded by. Many companies foster career growth, but I think the Vertex approach is different: we’ve embedded technology, tools, and support systems to make development a reality.  

When an employee wants to evolve in their role or advance to something new, they start at the Career Hub – our internal career growth and development platform – which provides access to all Vertexians seeking career opportunities. Whether looking to enhance their own skillset, build connections, or find a new path, this hub is where innovation intersects with development to help colleagues discover new possibilities for their careers at Vertex. In the Career Hub, the experience is personalized, and people are empowered to:  

  • Explore career possibilities by visualizing career steps and skills they’ll need along the way 
  • Plan their future by reviewing open positions matched to interests and aspirations – and if they choose, are notified when new matched positions become available  
  • Develop skills through gigs and rotations – short- or long-term assignment opportunities outside the scope of their current role 
  • Take competency assessments to gauge where they are today and connect to individualized training resources to help support where they want to be tomorrow 
  • And connect with others to share expertise and build lifelong relationships in our Global Mentorship Program – which leverages AI to assign mentors and mentees, creating equitable access to these relationships for any Vertexian  

These tools and programs are bespoke to individuals, and are the foundation for connecting with their manager through meaningful, ongoing career conversations to discuss goals and future aspirations. Employees and their managers co-own development plans, and together have regular discussions to ensure feedback, space for development, and time for planning – not just once a year. We’re also working to ensure that managers, in turn, are supplied with the information and resources to empower the career progression of their teams.  

You can feel assured that by taking on a role at Vertex, it’s your next step to a fulfilling, mission-driven career – and, that you’ll have the resources and support at your fingertips to grow, develop, and make an impact. But don’t take my words for it – listen as several Vertex employees describe the career growth and development opportunities they’ve experienced:

Are you ready to make your mark? We’re always looking to attract even more people to support our mission to bring transformative treatments to people with serious diseases — and who want to grow along their journey with us. Check out our Careers page to learn more about open positions.