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At Vertex Pharmaceuticals, our people and our science are what make us unique. Science is the bedrock of our strategy, and tackling some of the toughest diseases requires bold vision, relentless pursuit of excellence and inspiring others along the way.

That’s the core of what we do at Vertex. No matter the disease, our work is defined by a common strategy that drives a culture of innovation and scientific discovery. It’s our people, and among them our scientists, who are crucial to advancing our research and pursuing our mission of creating transformative medicines for people with serious diseases.

Our scientists come from different backgrounds, disciplines and interests. But they each share a resounding passion for their work and a dedication to pushing our science forward with the hope of one day finding a breakthrough. One of these outstanding scientists is Sheila Namirembe, a senior research scientist in our Medicinal Chemistry department at our Boston research site. As Sheila will tell you, “There are people behind the science, people who are passionate about it and waking up every day to come into work. [They’re] solving really complex problems hoping one day we’ll have a breakthrough.” 

So, what is it like to be a scientist at Vertex? It all starts with people like Sheila, in the lab, testing new molecules against our hypotheses. Check out what a day in Sheila’s life as a Vertex scientist looks in this video. 

About Scientist Takeover 

Scientist Takeover shares a glimpse into the lives of the research scientists at the heart of innovation at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. These videos feature scientists from our Boston research and development (R&D) site. They shine a light on the best and brightest at Vertex while highlighting the determination, teamwork and drive involved in the drug discovery and development process.