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Here at Vertex, patients are the driving force for everything we do. 

“As a medicinal chemist, I consider myself a designer,” says Sabine Hadida, Senior Vice President and San Diego Site Head, and 2024 Breakthrough Prize winner. “We take promising compounds and repeatedly tweak their structures until they have the right properties. But we don’t do it alone — we need patients’ help.” 

Watch the video below, where Sabine shares how patient partnership empowers our cystic fibrosis research.

About Science of Grit 

Science of Grit shares the story behind our 20+ year journey in cystic fibrosis (CF) and a closer look at our CF drug discovery process. These animated videos feature scientists and leaders from our San Diego R&D site and our international headquarters in London, and illuminate the creativity, drive and determination involved in designing and developing potential medicines that aim to improve the lives of people living with CF.    

View additional videos below to learn more: