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Taylor Rhodes was a passionate young man with a big heart and a great sense of humor. His family admired his drive and energy, and they had high aspirations for his future in competitive tennis. However, a shoulder injury while playing during his freshman year of high school set the family on a completely unexpected path.

Taylor's injury required surgery. He followed a common postoperative pain management plan that resulted in a five-year battle with substance use addiction and ultimately his death in 2019.

“It's like watching a train out of control, going down a track, and you're trying to stop it and there isn't a brake. And it's your kid. Nothing prepares you for that moment when you get a phone call that says your 20-year-old son is dead. I'll never get that voice out of my head,” Kerri Rhodes, Taylor’s mother, said.

Years later, Taylor’s younger sister found herself facing the same injury while playing Division 1 softball. This time, they were determined to be proactive about discussing the options available for managing the pain following surgery.

Learn more about Kerri and her family's story in the video above.