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Vertex realizes that bringing together some of the world’s smartest people is often the best way to solve the toughest scientific problems. The company depends on collaboration internally, where it encourages an open exchange of ideas among scientists and provides freedom to explore new scientific ideas, and externally, where our relationships with other companies, institutions and nonprofit organizations help to drive scientific innovation and the development of new medicines.  

The breadth of our network is unique, as it spans the spectrum of those involved in the life sciences.  Today, Vertex works with some of the world's largest biopharmaceutical companies, leading nonprofit disease foundations, research-stage biotechnology companies and scientists at universities, government laboratories, and other companies and organizations.  This networked approach gives Vertex access to many of the most exciting emerging technologies in the world and helps accelerate our understanding of diseases and, subsequently, the discovery, development and commercialization of new medicines. 

While the network is broad – both geographically and intellectually – all of Vertex’s external collaborators, like the company’s scientists, have a common goal: to develop new medicines that improve the lives of people with serious diseases. 

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