Rewards and Recognition

Our Core Values Guide Our Actions
Core Values

Competitive Rewards

Competitive rewards are integral to attracting, retaining and engaging the industry’s best and brightest. While many employees choose Vertex because of our track record in developing new medicines for people with serious diseases like cystic fibrosis, employees are even more invested when they are recognized and rewarded for their work. Whether it’s through our annual cash incentive program or long-term equity incentives, our program is designed to motivate and empower employees across all levels and functional areas to exemplify our core values and strive for performance excellence.

The Power of Recognizing Peers

Beyond awards at the personal level, we also put the power of recognition in the hands of our employees. At any time, employees can nominate colleagues through a Vertex Outstanding Contributor Award Program (VOCAP) for demonstrating core values and making a positive impact on the Vertex culture. After the close of the year, employees are also eligible to be nominated for our Platinum and Palladium VOCAP awards, which recognize significant contributions above our core company values.

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