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Public Twitter Guidelines for @VertexPharma

For third parties that wish to follow or participate in the Vertex account

Welcome to @VertexPharma!

We’re committed to communicating with our Twitter followers in a meaningful way. At times our posts and engagement may seem limited, but that’s because as a biotech company with approved and development-stage products, we must adhere to certain ethical, legal, and regulatory standards unique to this industry.

To ensure @VertexPharma communications are consistent with our mission and public obligations, here are some guidelines that explain how we use this platform that we hope you will find useful.


  • We welcome your @ mentions/replies and we’ll do our best to respond to questions/comments. However please understand that at times our posts may be limited, delayed and some cases we will not be able to respond because of industry guidelines we must adhere to.
  • We cannot comment/engage on the following topics:
    • Our medications when they are mentioned by brand name. This is why you’ll often see us use the term “our medicine(s)”.
    • Posts that contain Protected/Personal Health Information (PHI). We arecommitted to the CF community, but if you have a question directly related to your condition, the use or availability of our medications, clinical trials, etc., we ask that you visit: to contact our Global Medical Information team.
    • Certain financial matters related to our business.
    • Certain legal and regulatory issues, among others.
  • Personal attacks, foul language, disparaging comments or topics that are not in keeping with the mission of this page will not be acknowledged. Our goal is to be a valuable community resource on Vertex--our people, science, medicines & communities we serve. We encourage engagement that adds value to this mission.


  • Twitter accounts that Vertex follows or is followed by do not indicate an endorsement of the account owner or their products and services.
  • Vertex may provide links or references to other sites as part of its Tweets. However, Vertex claims no responsibility for the content of such other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content. Any links to other sites are provided as merely a convenience to the users of this platform.
  • Vertex reserves all rights relating to the Vertex Twitter account including, but not limited to, all rights to add, remove or modify any content or material posted on the account, discontinue the account, accept or reject those who may wish to follow the account and respond to any questions or comments addressed to the account.
  • No other entity other than Vertex and its authorized users may represent the company. If any electronic medium/asset is created that falsely represents our company, products, employees, etc. our legal area will take swift and appropriate action.