Ian Pettigrew’s Authentic Portraits Reveal the Passion and Commitment of the People Behind Our Medicines


In capturing images that tell stories, make connections, and spark conversations, Canadian photographer Ian Pettigrew knows the power of a portrait.

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at age 38, Ian went on to create two books that visually chronicled the emotions and experiences of adults living with CF. Filled with his honest and compelling portraits, Just Breathe and Salty Girls achieved Ian’s goal to “rally the adult community and give them a proper voice.”

We met Ian shortly after the publication of Just Breathe, which we provided to employees as a keepsake. Since then, he’s made multiple visits to our Boston headquarters – touring labs, meeting employees, and sharing his CF journey. Ian also helped us boldly tell our story on our new website through his authentic portraits that reveal the passion and commitment of the people behind our medicines. 

Watch and listen as Ian talks about how he got his start in photography, his approach for taking a great portrait, and why he believes our collaboration can lead to greater awareness of the CF community.

Ian Pettigrew