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Dr. Patricia Hurter Named One of the Fiercest Women in Life Sciences


January 2, 2018

Dr. Patricia "Trish" Hurter’s personality, career and contributions in and out of the workplace reflect a relentless pursuit of innovation. As the Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutical and Preclinical Sciences at Vertex, Trish oversees all non-clinical aspects of drug development and has pioneered a number of new technologies and processes that have advanced an entire industry, her colleagues and herself forward. 

While at Vertex, Trish and her team conceived and executed the first FDA-approved continuous manufacturing (CM) facility in the world. The CM process is a dramatic shift from traditional batch processing to an innovative approach where raw materials are fed into a single, continuously running system and quality can be checked without interrupting production. Under Trish’s leadership, Vertex was also one of the first companies to embrace a new development paradigm called “Quality by Design,” which ensures that scientific rigor is applied to the development of new medicines, resulting in higher quality processes and products.

Beyond her scientific impact at Vertex and in the biopharma industry, Trish has created positive organizational change by launching and serving as the executive sponsor of “IWILL,” a Vertex employee resource network devoted to the advancement of women leaders.

FiercePharma recently recognized Trish as one of the fiercest women in the life sciences for her influential leadership and significant impact across the industry.

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