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$1 Million In: The Power of a Double Donation

Employees share how our new dollar-for-dollar matching gift program is extending the impact of their charitable donations—and why it matters.


June 14, 2018

Giving back is part of who we are at Vertex. It’s in our DNA.

So it’s no surprise that our employees jumped on the opportunity to double their personal donations through the Vertex Foundation’s new matching gift program. Since launching last November, over 500 employees have participated in the program, generating more than $1 million in donations to nonprofit organizations around the globe.


Hear From Our Employees

After realizing this milestone at such a remarkable pace, we wondered: What motivates our employees to give back? We sat down with three employees to hear their stories.

Cynthia Beam, Global Marketing Director

Cynthia and her husband adopted their son in September 2015. After welcoming their bundle of joy, they immediately wanted to give back to Advocates for Children and Families (ACF) Florida, the adoption agency that changed their lives for the better. Cynthia used the Vertex Foundation matching gift program shortly after its 2017 launch to double her donation to the nonprofit. Her donation helps provide services to birth mothers, such as housing, prenatal care, medical and counseling services, insurance and even maternity clothing.

Deirdre Karle, Director of Global Medical Communications and Operations

It only took one speech to inspire Deirdre “Dee” to get involved in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Boston. The nonprofit recruits volunteers to advocate for children and youth who are being monitored by the state because of child abuse or neglect. The mentors vigorously advocate for children’s needs, including medical care, emotional support, school meetings and caregivers. Dee met with advocates, donated her time as a volunteer and became so inspired that she joined the board of directors in January to support fundraising.

Dee’s donation was doubled through the matching gift program, providing enough funding to pair two Boston children with advocates for an entire year.

Peter Zoob, Senior Medical Science Liaison

Peter’s friends, Kristen and John Spytek, founded the National CMV Foundation after their daughter, Evelyn, was born with congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV). Evelyn passed away from complications of a surgery at just 22 months old in 2014. Regardless of being the most common virus that infants are born with in the United States, there’s not enough information available to expectant mothers. The CMV Foundation wants to change that.

Peter used the Vertex Foundation to match his donation to the National CMV Foundation. His donation specifically contributed to the Early Career Congenital CMV Research Award, which funds innovative research related to maternal or congenital CMV infections.

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