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At Vertex, we bring the best and brightest minds together to strike at the core of serious diseases. Everyone who is hired — an intern, our leaders and everyone in between — contributes to our diverse and inclusive community through their unique experiences and backgrounds. To be a company where the best talent does their best work, we make sure our interns and early career talent are an integral part of the fabric of our company and culture.

A Vertex internship isn’t your typical position. Our interns, just like our employees, are brought here to work on real projects that make an impact. They’re embedded in cross-functional teams and gain hands-on experience and mentorship from some of the top people in the industry. 

A few facts about our early career programs:

  • There are opportunities in every function across the business. In 2019, we welcomed interns and co-ops from 117 schools, representing 86 unique majors, and they worked in more than 11 locations around the world.

  • We offer a tailored experience specifically for MBA candidates looking to engage in challenging, business-critical projects during a 12-week summer internship.

  • Our Vertex Fellows program is an innovative program that offers research scientists who have recently completed their Ph.D. or a postdoc program a one-year immersive experience.

And, we believe the value of an internship isn’t one-sided — interns and early career talent are a vital part of our innovation engine at Vertex. We rely on them to bring us new ideas and ask questions. We expect them to challenge the status quo and leverage their academic background to help us solve complex problems and drive our mission forward. 

Through our internships we strive to provide real-world experience to prepare them for the next step in their careers, either at Vertex or elsewhere. This is also why we offer several perks and benefits that are especially for people who are starting their careers with us, such as student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement and financial counseling services. 

Here are a few other pieces of advice from three former interns who joined Vertex after completing their internship/co-op:

Photo of Vertex Human Resource Information Systems Analyst Richard Ysidron

“Expect to be treated like a coworker and not an intern.”

--Richard Ysidron, Human Resources Information Systems Analyst


Photo of Vertex Application Development Associate Segunfunmi Oyedele

“Learn as much as possible. Don’t be scared to ask questions. We Vertexians like to talk about what we are working on, and everybody is always willing to help one another. Finally, your internship is not a test so do not try to impress anybody. The company is genuinely interested in you and your career, personal and individual development. You can’t fake it till you make it; we want you to make it so you can make it.”

--Segunfunmi Oyedele, Application Development Associate


Photo of Vertex Communications Senior Coordinator Sage Wesenberg

“Be prepared for a fast-paced environment and ask for the opportunities you want out of your job. People at Vertex want to help you make the best of your experience!”

--Sage Wesenberg, Communications Senior Coordinator

For more information on and to apply to our internship and co-op programs, please visit https://www.vrtx.com/en-us/careers/career-growth-and-opportunities.