We believe in the power of science to transform the lives of millions of people around the world with serious diseases.

Our View on the Power of Science

By significantly investing in R&D and overcoming the challenges that come with being the first to discover new types of treatment, we have brought three transformative medicines to patients in six years – an unprecedented level of homegrown innovation. We aren’t stopping there. Every day, our scientists and employees from across the company come to work to pursue our goal of bringing new and better medicines to people with cystic fibrosis and other diseases like Adrenoleukodystrophy, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, and Sickle Cell, among others.

This work is a team effort. It takes partnerships with patients, physicians, advocates, regulators, policymakers and so many others to fully realize the power of science for people who need our medicines. 

Hear from our scientists about the power of science

Paul Negulescu, Senior Vice President and Site Head, San Diego Research

"I remember when we were first getting started with our CF research, and we were considering various options. During this time, I met a man living with CF who told me: "Whatever you do, don't make another inhaled therapy." That moment helped me see that we needed to focus on a pill that would treat the underlying cause of this disease."

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Fred Van Goor, Principal Research Fellow

"The field of CF research has completely shifted throughout out my career to a focus on CFTR modulators and our first CF medicine played a huge role in that. I don't take for granted how incredibly lucky I am to be a part of this for so long."

Brenda Eustace, Director, Discovery Biology

"The advancement of science requires the imagination to dream the impossible, the fortitude to execute, and the cooperation of scientists around the world to move the needle on the many daunting challenges we face."

Pat Connelly, Consultant, Innovation and External Research

"Science enables us to act on our deep compassion for those that suffer from sickness. To uncover the secret inner-workings of life itself, and that of life in peril expressed as disease at the most fundamental microscopic level, to devise the means to convert sickness to health, to turn despair to hope, to alchemize tears into laughter. It is both the awesome responsibility and the motivating force to exercise this strange and wonderful power we know as science in the work of human caring."

Viji Arumugam, Research Scientist, Chemistry

"Cystic Fibrosis is a life-threatening disease. It is very humbling and rewarding to know that the dedicated work of Vertex scientists has resulted in the development of breakthrough drugs to help improve the lives of CF patients."

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Gillian Burgess, Vice President and Site Head, U.K. Research

"Science is not about knowing the right answers - it is about asking the right questions. It’s about using our curiosity, because there are so many incredible things waiting to be discovered. Think about how many people must have seen an apple fall before Newton was curious enough to ask why. In the work we do, we are inspired by patients to ask questions about serious diseases where there is real unmet need, and to try to help through the medicines we discover."

Peter Grootenhuis, Senior Director and CF Project Leader

"How do we overcome the formidable challenges in the science and art of drug discovery? In my experience, it is by having world-class teams of passionate, open-minded scientists supported and empowered by visionary and committed leadership. And having some luck every now and then."

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Mark Bunnage, Senior Vice President and Site Head, Boston Research

"Scientific innovation gives us the power to significantly benefit human health. Our unique approach to drug discovery is powered by a deep, ever evolving understanding of human biology. Coupled with diverse therapeutic modalities, novel assays and new technologies, this knowledge allows us to crack open serious diseases and explore new possibilities in medicine."

Azin Nezami, Associate Director, Innovation Scientist​

"I think anyone who is a scientist is passionate about learning. If we weren’t constantly learning new things, there would be no science."