Cambridge Science Festival Video

For the past six years, we have participated in the annual Cambridge Science Festival (CSF), a ten day event that features a variety of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related activities, including science experiment demonstrations for hundreds of children and teenagers. 

At the event, children work with our scientists to see how science relates to every day life.  Each year, we offer a new set of experiments, and in this video you’ll see our team demonstrating how temperature affects the physical properties of matter using liquid nitrogen and balloons and showing how hot and cold packs work using salts and water to create chemical interactions that release or absorb energy.

Our employees look forward to CSF because it offers them a fun way to interact with the local community and encourage scientific conversation. But for some, science festivals, like this one, represent something more personal.

“I love volunteering at the Cambridge Science Festival because I have the chance to give children a ‘wow’ moment with science,” says Arquimedes Areche, one of our scientists featured in the video. “My goal is that these ‘cool’ experiments motivate children who haven’t been interested in science to go back to school and ask questions or get connected with a STEM program.”

Arquimedes knows firsthand how getting students involved in science can impact their lives. Growing up in New York City, he had the chance to join a science honors program that he credits with keeping him away from negative influences. Then, at his first science festival, he submitted a poster that won first prize in a city-wide competition. “These experiences made me realize how exciting the sciences can be, and they were a major turning point in my life. I am convinced that these programs are the main reason that I am where I am today. I’m passionate about science education because I know it can transform young peoples’ lives – it certainly did for me. I want to pass along this hope to the children and teens I get to meet at events like the Cambridge Science Festival.”